About Us

Everything you've ever wanted to know about this fun little company called Enso Cloud.

Elevator Pitch

Enso Cloud helps web designers launch custom websites without the worry of servers, software and backend code. Your clients will love the intuitive on-site content editing and you'll love Enso's simple tags that drop right into your hand-crafted HTML.

How Enso Got Started

When we first launched Enso back in 2008 people said, "a hosted CMS is a terrible idea" and by the look of the landscape they may have been correct. The web was littered (and still is) with website builder products promising that anyone can design and build a website for just $5/month. While true, the actual websites you could create were awful and it wasn't just because the themes we're awful, it was because web design is best handled by a web designer, the key missing ingredient.

Making Website Development Easier for Web Designers

In addition, we knew from our experience building websites, the worst part of the whole process was all the non-design work that was required. You had to setup a server, install software, install a database, write backend code and then you had to manage, maintain and support each and every website. It was a nightmare and for many design shops that very scenario is still played out today. So we definitely wanted to fix this problem.

And the User Experience

Once you were able to setup hosting you're troubles didn't end there. The other major problem, the user experience of most content management systems is inherently confusing. Anytime you have to create a mental map of how the CMS looks and feels and how that affects your website, it's going to get weird, especially for non-technical users. What good is a content management system if your clients can't or won't use it?

Enso Launches

So in 2007 we set out to build a better CMS and officially launched Enso in April of 2008. Since then we've continued to add new features, partnered with Rackspace Cloud and host websites for companies big and small. We've managed to do all this without sacrificing the user experience for both web designers and their clients.

Life is good.