A Cloud CMS for Web Designers

A cloud based front-end CMS and hosting platform. No servers, software or databases, just HTML and CSS.
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This is how it works

Your HTML + Our Tags

We've created 7 simple custom HTML tags for editable content that you add to your HTML. It's super simple and keeps you in complete control of your design without the hassle of back-end code or hosting. 

On-Site Editing

Your clients will love the on-site editing capabilities which uses the website as the CMS. Just turn on the editor and blue outlines magically appear around anything editable. It's that simple and perfect for non-technical clients.
On-Site Editing

Edit & Save

Clicking a blue box will take your client to a edit screen like the screenshot to the right. After saving their changes they will be redirected back to the page their editing.

Managed Hosting

Did we mention you don't have to worry about hosting? We've partnered with Rackspace Cloud to provide world-class hosting that's fast, secure and super reliable. Best of all, we manage everything for you, saving you time and frustration. 
Managed Hosting with Rackspace Cloud

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